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A rectangular tube made of fiberglass makes the frame on which all the other parts as the landing gear, motor holder, tail tube, servo board and motor accu are mounted.

Tail Tube & Rotor

The tail tube is slightly tapered and made of fiberglass and reinforced width 4 carbon strips. The tail rotor is driven by a toothbelt from the first stage of the gear and controlled by a fiberglass rod.

Landing Gear

The struts are made of carbon rowings. The skids are aluminium tubes.

Main Rotor Head

The main rotor head ist a soft "rigid" head without stabilizer. It has a central flapping hinge. The head weights about 105g. The diameter of the rotor shaft is 10mm.
This head is very easy to fly because of soft damping and tip weighted rotor blades. Beginners can fly it without problems.

Rotor Blades

The rotor blade are made of fiberglass and tip weighted. The blades are 555mm long, weigh about 120g (4.3oz) and have a "S" camber airfoil.

Swashplate And Follower

The swashplate and the follower are made of aluminium and have 3*120° controls.

Drive Gear

The gear has two stages. The first stage from the motor to the middle shaft has a toothbelt and a standard ratio of 1:2. The second stage from the middle shaft to the rotor is done by gearwheels with a ratio of 1:4.1.

Autorotation Clutch

The autorotation clutch is in the pinion gear of the second stage.


The Servos are mounted on the servo board which is made as a "sandwitch" of fiberglass and balsa plywood. Mini-servos with a weight of about 30g (1oz) can be used.

Electric Motor

Any motor motors with a 5mm shaft, a spec. value of about 700RPM/V and a efficiency of above 80% can be used. e.g. ULTRA 1600-8(/H) or SPORTS 625/7.


The canopy is made of fiberglass. All necessary cuttings are done.