Electric Helicopter Bingo

Special Features: Technical Data:
  • 16 cells (2*8) motor accu
  • simple and tough construction
  • very lightweight construction made of fiberglass
  • composite rotor blades with carbon reinforcement
  • tough and light landing gear
  • very quiet toothbelt drive
  • rotor head with central hinge for flapping
  • simple assembly - mostly preassembled
  • built-in autorotation clutch
  • aluminium swashplate and drive pulleys
  • the helicopter can be flown by pilots of any skill level
  • rotor diameter: 1270mm
  • length: 1170mm
  • weight with Sanyo 1700C-Cells: 2,75 kg
  • rotor speed: 1100 RPM
  • flight duration: 8-12 min.
  • recommended motor: ULTRA 1600/8-H

Bingo Chassis

Sorry, no more orders!

As the BINGO is no longer manufacured, I cannot accept any more orders.
If you need spare parts, please send me an e-Mail.

The Bingo was reviewed in the German FMT magazine, issue 6/96.
Here are some excerpts (slightly shortened):

"The construction of the BINGO is done in a way, that most components can be repaired without special skills."
"The assembly is without any problems."
"The model has very soft and pleasing overall flight-characteristics."

For more information write to:

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